Feb. 19, 2017– No Wave Coffee

Two weeks ago we went to Marigold Coffee in SE and were drenched.  On this outing, though the weather threatened a downpour,  the three of us lucked out and reached home before the heavy rains began.  What was also reminiscent of our bikeride from the 7th, was that the footprint of today’s destination – No Wave – and Marigold buildings felt almost identical, as were the  unpretentious  furnishings in each , as was the cheery friendliness of their owners/baristas, that made each rewarding to visit.





Discussion topics included H’s car being stolen Thurs morning and found by the police within 24 hours, it was trashed but mechanically seemingly unharmed; M’s experiences teaching a class on climate change to 12 members of his temple’s congregation; his reviewing 11 on-line classes on climate change for another organization, most of which he thought needed improvement; what it might take to persuade the owners of large footprint warehouses on Swan Island to install solar on their roofs; the recent storms in California; and the rides at Disneyland being closed while A’s children were there but not given vouchers or any remuneration on their all-day ticket.



7510 N. Portsmouth                    https://www.facebook.com/NoWaveCoffeeShop


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